Beer Week with PW

“Here’s the story,” I said to the three beautiful women in front of me, “I am your best friend, and I’ve just come in for a beer. Also, I give huge tips.”

Then I took this photo:

Beer WeekThis photo of Amelia, Sarah and Brittany was taken for Philadelphia Weekly for Beer Week. We were in Brauhaus Schmitz on South Street and, I’m sure some of you will be sorry to hear that there were many beers sacrificed to this wonderful photoshoot. But it’s okay, because the hops did not die in vain, as we ended up with many beautiful photos, including the one below, which graced the cover of PW this week:

Beer Week

You can check out the PW article on Beer Week by Stephen H. Segal here:

There is also a great piece about the beer that Philly’s celebrities like, including Kyle Cassidy, who I wrote about yesterday. Kyle was the one who took us to the place he describes in the article, and I can tell you that it is like going into Diagon Ally to pick up your wand.  You go into a door you’ve never seen before someone shows it to you and then a Wizard picks out the beer you’re going to love. I used to say I didn’t like beer, but that was before I met the Wizard. Philadelphia has Wizards. Most people outside Philly don’t know this, but inside the city, it’s generally agreed upon.

Makeup for this shoot was done by Elizabeth Trenchin who was fast, professional and friendly. If you need a makeup artist, I strongly suggest checking her out.

If you are interested in hiring me to take photos of your beer, ladies, beer-ladies or anything else, you can check out my rates here: