Photography Wish List: Hanner Gatling

Recently I wrote that I have a sort of “photography wishlist” of shoots I’d like to do, and a few people commented that I should just find the folks at a convention or have them over my house and just take the photos.It was then I realized that people don’t understand that my photography wish list isn’t all that easy.

The things I enjoy the most about photography are creating characters and stories. Though portraits of people are nice, my wish-list is a wish-list because it’s a bit harder than simply going to where the people I like happen to be. I’m writing a photography wish list series for this blog where I outline the things I’d like to do, who I’d like to do them with, and the challenge that stands in my way to getting them done. If you follow along with me, you might even get to see if I manage to overcome these challenges and create these shoots, or if they just stay in my imagination.

Hanner Gatling is a character from The Fables of the Flying City. Ever since I heard the podcast where she first appeared, I knew I wanted to do a photoshoot with that character. Fortunately, on the podcast she is voiced by the incredible actress, Trilian Stars, who has kindly volunteered to pose as a young Gatling. Still, there are some challenges to getting this shoot off the ground, mostly involving finding the right weaponry.


A photoshoot of a young Hanner Gatling that captures the spirit of the character as she romps around a steampunk universe. Specifically, where she rides, drunk, on a cannon, and on the back of a young man.


Models: Trillian Stars and a Strapping Young Man

Setting: A Cannon I can drive to. Also, a nice background that doesn’t spoil the steampunk aspect of the setting. Also, Trillian must be allowed to sit on top of the cannon.

Costume: A fabulous fantasy/steampunk costume for Trillian and the Strapping Young Man

A bottle of whiskey(steampunked)


Since Trillian has agreed to be in this shoot, and since she has a fabulous steampunk costume that fits the character brilliantly, all we really need is to find an appropriate cannon that she can sit on top of like that scene from Dr. Strangelove.  I suppose the Strapping Young Man is optional, but I’d like to have one. Also, the whiskey bottle will have to modded a bit to fit into the setting. The most difficult thing though will be that cannon. Where can I find a cannon my model can sit on top of that we won’t have to fly across the country for. I’m looking, and if I find it, you’ll be seeing the photos.

Photography Wish List is where I share the photography projects I WANT to do, but often will take more time, money, energy, and collaboration than is possible at the moment. It doesn’t mean I won’t get them done, they are on my wish list, but it does mean that I’m on the lookout for some special element to complete the concept. If you have this element, or if you just like this idea please feel free to comment!

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