One of Dr. Mercury’s fans sent me these bracelets, which posit the question “What Would Dr. Mercury Do?” Someone went to all this trouble to send these to me, and I didn’t even bother to answer the question. It didn’t even occur to me.

We’re fixing that now.

What Would Dr. Mercury Do?

Dr. Mercury would taste it, she would make it, she would flip it around and spank it. She would eat it, she would fly it, she would kidnap and conquer it. Dr. Mercury would lick it, she would fuck it, she would bring it and she would kill it.

She would invent it, she would love it, she would crush it under her heel. She would drink and skin and flay it, she would tenderize and tie it. She would build it, she would steal it, she would inject it under your skin.

Dr. Mercury would take it, whatever she wants, whenever she wants it. That’s what Dr. Mercury Would Do.


What Would Doctor Mercury Do? @j_r_blackwell (Taken with instagram)