Portrait: Ekaterina Sedia

Last week I had the great pleasure of photographing Ekaterina Sedia, the editor for the upcoming anthology, Bloody Fabulous. While shooting, we had an interesting discussion about art, photography, fashion and feminism. I feel lucky to have such interesting clients!

I worked with Ekaterina to make sure that she got just the kind of photographs she wanted. She requested a background that had an urban feel, as well as a few photos that featured the fashions she was wearing. She also needed a diversity of moods for her photographs, since she may need them for a variety of publications.

Ekaterina Sedia

If you want to know more about Ekaterina, you can read about her thoughts on fashion and feminism, as well as her introduction to Bloody Fabulous on her blog: http://fishmonkey.blogspot.com/

Ekaterina Sedia

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