Updated Rates

I’ve just updated my rates information – prices haven’t gone up, but I realized there were things that I was providing for my clients (edits, digital galleries, consultations) that I just didn’t mention on my page. So I’ve updated my rates, and put a little graphic up there so that they are a bit easier to understand.

I’ve also updated my rates for weddings, splitting what I offer into four different packages, starting at $200.

Mortal Coil: Noir

Book Cover!

Mostly what I’m called on to do is Portraits, which I love. I love taking portraits because I love meeting new people. I photograph authors, podcasters, actors, dancers, game designers and scientists. There is so much to learn about a person when photographing them, and so many different sides to one person.

Book Covers are great because it frequently means I get to hear about a cool new book BEFORE it comes out, and I get to work with the author on constructing the cover image that will best communicate the story with the audience. It all feels very creative and exclusive and fun.

I’m available for hire if you’re in the market for a photographer. I strongly encourage anyone who is interested to wander through my portfolio to check out my style and see if what I do works for you.