Location, Location, Location

This weekend I was lucky to attend the wedding of a good friend who had the whole affair at a fabulous location, a beautiful old theater in New Jersey. I haven’t been simply a guest at a wedding for years, and it was  fun just to kick back, relax and just enjoy the festivities.  Of course, having such beautiful people at such a stunning location was too much temptation for a photographer. So, at one point in the evening, I snuck off and took some photos.

If I’m not photographing a wedding, I usually don’t bring my camera. I don’t like to get in the way of a photographer who is doing their job to get the best photos they can on a wedding day. However, I DID have my cellphone, and I managed to get some nice, moody shots. It’s neat what can be done with cellphone cameras. It makes me remember that while having sophisticated equipment is wonderful, it’s not always needed to take a nice photo, and that beautiful people in a fabulous location are always fun.



After the party

How can one woman look so cute soaking her feet? .

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