Balticon 46 Schedule

The month I’ll be attending Balticon, where I’ll get to see old friends and hopefully meet some new ones. It’s always been a fun con for me, and I’m looking forward to my two readings and talking about Kickstarter and generally the whole process of getting a creative endeavor from your brain to someone elses brain. If you’re going to be there, please feel free to say hello.

Sometimes people say that they saw me at a con and wanted to say hello but felt too self-conscious and worried that they might be bothering me. I just wanted to let those people know that I am rather nice, and while we might not end up going to dinner or braiding each others hair or being best friends forever, I do like to meet people, so please feel free to say hello if you see me. I come to conventions to meet people that connect in some way with my creative work – that’s why I’m there! So if you want to say hello or ask me a question, please feel free.


Readings: J. R. Blackwell, Alessia Brio and Scott Roche
Friday at 11:00 pm in Chase
J. R. Blackwell, Alessia Brio and Scott Roche reading from their works.
Speakers:Alessia Brio; Spiritualtramp; J.R. Blackwell


Put Together the Total Package
Saturday at 2:00 pm in Chesapeake
Tips on how to make your book sell, including various self-publishing avenues and requirements, marketing strategies, and tools to promote your work
Moderator: Starla Huchton
Speakers:Collin Earl; J.R. Blackwell; Mugavero, Donna; Robin Sullivan; AB Kovacs


Sunday at 11:00 am in Derby
Real life experience from creatives who have already monetized their work using or by themselves
Moderator: Brennan Taylor
Speakers:John Mierau; Norm Sherman; Brand Gamblin; J.R. Blackwell

Battle of Blood & Ink — Book Launch
Sunday at 12:00 PM in
Two years ago, “Aliens You Will Meet” & “Voice of Free Planet X” creator Jared Axelrod announced that the original graphic novel THE BATTLE OF BLOOD AND INK would be published from Tor Books. Several episode of the prequel podcast FABLES OF THE FLYING CITY later, and the book is out! Join Jared and artist Steve Walker as they launch and celebrate the book that was years in the making! (Also listed as NM-72 in New Media Program).
Moderator: J.R. Blackwell
Speakers: Jared Axelrod

Broad Universe Reading
Sunday at 1:00 pm in Salon B
Rapid Fire readings from some amazing women/authors.
Moderator: Roxanne Bland
Speakers:Jean Marie Ward; Trish Wilson (Elizabeth Black); Emilie P. Bush – Steampunk ; Elaine Corvidae; Jody Lynn Nye (Guest of Honor); J.R. Blackwell; Trisha J. Wooldridge; TJ Perkins; S.J.; Kelly A. Harmon, Danielle Ackley-McPhail

For The Love Of Villainy
Sunday at 10:00 pm in Salon B
What is the appeal of a good villain? Why do we love to hate them? Why are some villains indelible?
Moderator: Tad from Trantor
Speakers: Chris Morse; Elaine Corvidae; Michael D. Pederson; J.R. Blackwell


In with the new – out with the old?
Monday at 10:00 am in Derby
Does New Media mean ignoring more traditional methods of publishing? This session examines whether using only new media ideas is a good idea. There may be only so far one can go using the web as a publishing platform. Would it make sense the use a combination of traditional publishing methods and web-based marketing? Perhaps a hybrid approach will allow the best of both worlds.
Moderator: Gary the Scribe
Speakers: J.R. Blackwell; Nobilis Reed; Cynical Woman; Andrew Eckhart

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