Women of the Empire

Engineer Agent Dr. BlackwellI missed the boat. That’s how all of this got started. I missed the boat when my friends Tee and Pip asked me if I wanted to write a story for their project:  Tales from the Archives. I was deep into the edits of Shelter in Place, and couldn’t devote the time to the story to make it a good one. This happens, occasionally, and it’s always a bit depressing. I want to say yes to everything and everyone, but sometimes, to make Project A shine, you can’t take on Project B.

After Phoenix Rising came out and I discovered they had not only dedicated the book to my husband and I, but invented characters with quite similar names, a story started peculating in my head based around a character with my name. Dr. Blackwell has an odd little character voice, she’s a wild, innocent person,  not a woman of the world, but a women of science, mischievous and brilliant. She is many of the things I wish I could be, and quite a few of the things I’ve lost.

I wrote a story knowing it couldn’t be included in the Tales from the Archives, but just for pure fun, just to share with Tee and Pip. I thought it might be too racy to share with the world in general, and that I might be taking too many liberties with their characters. I wrote it just for fun. Of course, the story wasn’t content just to stay between friends. Tee and Pip had bigger plans.

I had no idea that they planned to do a Volume 2. I shouldn’t have been surprised though, with the success of their series, the demand for more stories for their fans is high, and Tee and Pip are very good to their fans. So they asked if they could include it, I said yes, gave it a bit of a sprucing up, and now you can listen to the whole thing over on their website. They’ve done a lot with the audio I gave them, Tee added his own voice to the story, which adds millions, and they’ve got music and sound effects too. All of it makes for a very polished end product. They are masters of audio over there, and it’s a pleasure to listen to.

Women of the Empire is one of the naughtiest things I’ve ever written. It’s a coy, funny, flirty little story. It’s a magical pixie dream girl at the school dance. It’s a hilarious young man you meet at a party. This story may not open your horizons or tell you something about the human condition, because this story just wants to dance. I hope you’ll give it a whirl.

Listen here: http://www.ministryofpeculiaroccurrences.com/2012/05/08/tales-from-the-archives-volume-2-three/

2 thoughts on “Women of the Empire

  1. I liked this story. I knew a bit about the old fashioned ways that uh… doctors dealt with hysteria, so I expected something of what was going to happen, but the dialogue was still very entertaining. The story was a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing it =)

  2. Thanks Josh, I’m glad you enjoyed the dialogue. I actually did my undergraduate senior thesis in psychology on a historical review of hysteria, so it was nice to draw on that knowledge for this story. Glad to hear that you picked it up the references!

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