Difficult and Marvelous

April was a difficult month, for reasons my husband goes into here: In My Hands

PWAlong with the hardship, there was some marvelous things happening as well. I shot my first ever newspaper cover, where I took photos of the fabulous Black Tribbles, a group of geeks that is redefining geek. When I started taking photos of this group, it was like hanging out with friends I’ve known forever. Their show is like that too,  like hanging out with friends you’ve never met, where you are part of a group that is effortlessly cool.

Velociraptor! Cannibalism! closed our Kickstarter this month, and we raised $43,619 to produce the game we all dreamed up at the Global Game Jam. This means that we get to produce a game that has fabulous art and fund a print run to go out to our Kickstarter supporters. To have a project receive such support is an incredible honor. When we started the project, other people laughed at our group, and said that what we were producing was silly. As it turns out, a lot of people happen to like silly, and we found those wonderful weirdos, and together we’re all going to have quite a lot of fun. Thank goodness for all the weird ones, the people with the odd sense of humor, the people who don’t take themselves to seriously, the people who like to have fun, who are fun, who like to laugh. Thank goodness for you, you wonderful, glorious weirdos, for without you, there would be no Velociraptors wearing bow-ties, and that would be a sad world indeed.

Ashe of the AirI finally got around to posting photos of the Liza as Ashe, the lead character from The Battle of Blood and Ink, my husbands graphic novel that gets released this month! This has been Jared’s focus for a long time, he’s been working so hard on this graphic novel and now it’s finally coming out in bookstores. If you want to help us, and see more work from Jared, the best thing you could do would be to pre-order a copy.

My gig as the Creative Director for Galileo Games is going well, I am working with some incredible authors on a book called Have Blaster, Will Travel, which is a fabulous space adventure. Galileo held a Kickstarter for that anthology, and we raised over $4k for that project, meaning there will be a print run and we get to commission new artwork for the cover of the anthology.

During the Kickstarter for the anthology, my publisher, Brennan Taylor was hit by a truck and I was hospitalized. Yet, we still managed to run the Kickstarter, update our backers, edit work from our writers and generally kick this things ass. Sometimes people say that they worry about investing in Kickstarter projects, worry that the people who run them will flake out on them. I think if there is anything April proved, it is that Galileo Games will always come through, even if we are hit by trucks or hospitalized. If the zombie Apocalypse comes, we will get you your books, if we have to walk through fire to do it.

Jack Scoresby came to visit this month, and I took some fun photos of him which will likely result in more Dr. Mercury fiction for everyone. We ate a lot of great food when Jack was here, and we took some great photos too. We took an amazing set of photos where Jack was Aquaman and Jared was Batman that has to be seen to be believed.

Life is difficult sometimes, but it is also marvelous. At the same time as you might be crying, there are a thousand glorious things floating right beyond the tears.  Please, friends, no condolences, I prefer good news instead. My baby, though gone now, brought me incredible amounts of joy and though I mourn his loss, what I want most of all is to celebrate life, his life, my life, and yours.

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  1. First of all, a hug to you both on your loss. Hopefully that says what I can’t with words.
    Second, didn’t know about Brennan! Glad to know he’s ok.
    Third, fistbump on all the cool things happening. May only more cool things come this way.

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