What’s Next?

With the Velociraptor! Cannibalism! Kickstarter at an end, some people have asked*: “What’s next for your team?”

It’s a good question, and one my team has been considering carefully. Since most of us are terrified by horror movies and half of us believe there are zombies in our basements** we’ve decided that our next game will be a horror game. Right now, the working title is called Box of Knives.

I know, the title already has you sold, but I’m going to go ahead and fill you in anyway.

Box of Knives is a horror game that’s actually scary! It’s not a board game, and not a card game, it’s a whole new immersive game experience.

Box of Knives is a game designed for 2-6 players. The game comes with 6 sharpened knives. How you play is that each player takes a knife from the box and then stabs the other players until all but one is dead. The winner is the last player standing!***

One of my fellow collaborators thinks that one of the knives should be a “trick” knife where the blade retreats into the handle. If we go this direction, then it will be more of a turn-taking game than a free-for-all. Some might say that this makes the game a total ripoff of Russian Roulette, which I think is bullshit because it’s not a ripoff if you are updating a classic with a twist. Especially if that twist is knives.

Obviously we still have some kinks to work out with rules and game play, but so far, I think we’re off to a good start. Next stop: Playtesting!****

*No one has actually asked this. We are in no way famous enough for anyone to ask this. At all.

**The other half don’t have basements.

***Or alive. Really, they just have to be alive. We’re still working out some game design stuff here, okay? I’m trying to be transparent with our process.

****We may have to make a video.