Wicked Faire Fashion Show

Wicked Faire Fashion Show

Nikki from Mayfaire Moon generously invited me to come to Wicked Faire to take photos during the fashion show. Nikki has been trying out some new ideas recently, including the above Tardis corset, the companion cube corset, and other fabulous geeky designs. Wicked Faire has a very distinct personality as a convention. It really does create a festival vibe, where vendors are around every corner, and many events happen right out in the open. It’s a con with a lot of personality.

It was fun to go out to the fair, meet the models, see the new designs, and photograph the show. There were some other designers there whose fashions were innovative and interesting. It made me think that some great things were happening on the fringes of fashion, and how happy I was that these designers had a place, and a very enthusiastic audience, to showcase their work to. Shooting the fashion show made me excited about the possibility of shooting future events and very excited about the shoot that Nikki and I have planned for the spring.

Wicked Faire Fashion Show
Photos from before, during, and after the show can be found in a Gallery here: http://jrblackwell.smugmug.com/Events/Wicked-Faire-Fashion/21540848_VSmVXK

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