Job Creators

Elected officials talk a lot about about helping job creators, small business, and innovation. Candidates are going on and on about entrepreneurs, the people who take an idea and a plan and make it into a business, a business that turns around and hires people to help them with their business.

I am lucky enough to know a lot of entrepreneurs, people with small businesses that have created jobs for me. When I was laid off last year due to financial constraints, the people that kept me in the black were small business that hired me to create book covers, photo-spreads, and hired me to write fiction. These businesses operate their sales primarily though the internet. They use the internet to Kickstart, to sell, to distribute. They are the people who have hired me and other freelancers. They are my living.

For me, SOPA and PIPA are not just bills that would increase censorship and decrease free speech. They are not just bills that put too much power in the hands of big business. They are bills that could damage my livelihood, and the living of the small businesses, the little upstarts, the people working from home and hiring me to make bookcovers for their self-published book. These are bills that could take away my job. In a time when finding work is difficult for so many, do we really want a bill that will hurt job creators?

If elected officials really want to help job creators, then they won’t pass these bills. Help me keep my job. The EFF has made it INCREDIBLY simple for you to figure out who your representatives are and contact them all at once: