There seems to be a bunch of new followers here following last weeks post, so I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself. I’m J.R. Blackwell. I’m a writer, photographer and bon-vivant. There will be fiction and my photography here, plus an occasional humorous essay. Now and then, people take my humorous essays VERY seriously, which is hilarious indeed.

I currently work as the Creative Director for Galileo Games, where I am producing a fiction line. I might be putting a call out for submissions soon, so if you’re a writer, you might want to watch out for that. If you like reading fiction, especially genre fiction about space pirates and zombies and magic, then we will be making books for you. If you are looking for fiction about lives of quiet desperation in suburbia, well, we’re not going to have that, but I do wish you luck in finding it.

Other than that, I take photographs of films that never existed, ponies, zombies, and I’m currently working on a self-portrait project I’m calling Abundant. You’ll likely see a bunch of photos from Abundant here.

I wrote a game called Shelter in Place, which is about Zombies, and next week, an anthology I edited, Gimme Shelter, is going up for sale. My website where I post regular updates about my work is Thanks for coming along on the ride.