The Lost Film of Empire State

Worldbuilder:  Empire State Movie

It’s done! I created film stills from a movie that never existed, based on a book that’s just been released.

Empire State was written by Adam Christopher, and is a part of the Worldbuilder project, a project that expands the worlds of novels with pro and submitted content. Since Empire State is a sci-fi noir, I decided that I wanted to capture images as if they were from a black and white noir film of the 1940’s.

Here is a blurb from the piece I wrote about the project:

Empire State, released in 1946, was part of the popular noir film genre of the time, along with films such as The Third Man and Casablanca. Even though the novel was popular after its release in 1941 it was considered so radical that American movie studios and Directors refused to take on the project. However, French Director Amaury Leveque was intrigued by the project, so he produced the film himself, taking out multiple loans and going deeply into debt.  More

Creating these images required research, location scouting, professional makeup, and recruiting models that fit the look of the area and the characters in the book.  It was quite a bit of work and I’m very proud of it.

The full set is available exclusively here: