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Day 104: Warrior of the CourtThis week, Galileo Games announced that I’m their new Creative Director! This is the most excited I’ve ever been about a job.  This position fits very neatly into my very favorite things: writing, gaming and working on creative projects with talented people. I’m delighted to be in this position, working with Brennan, producing new art. I’m answering questions about me and the new position all this week over on the Galileo Blog.

I was really touched this week from the outpouring of support when Brennan made this announcement. People I’ve never met wrote to Brennan telling him what a great decision he’s made, and friends from all over wrote congratulating me. It reminded me about the best things about the gaming community, and how welcome I’ve been made to feel. Thank you to everyone who expressed support, and to everyone who also expressed interest in what adding a Creative Director would do to Galileo Games this year. I am hoping that what we produce will make folks who are already fans very happy, and maybe bring in some new folks as well.

Jennisodes has released an interview with me that she did about Shelter in Place, photography and other creative things. It was a very fun, relaxed interview.  After the interview we had a rather candid chat about gaming and the choices we’ve made online which was one of those refreshing and renewing discussions that rarely comes alone, but is always welcome.

Jenn is so incredibly clever. I’ve played a test run of her game, and it charmed my pants off. When I first met Jenn, we were at a party, and we were both wearing little black dresses. When I think of her, that is how I imagine her, perched on a bar-stool, legs crossed, in a little black dress, drink in hand. I can assure you that, despite the icon on her page, she does not look like a giant panda head. That is how I pictured her before we actually met, so if you meet her, do not be alarmed.


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