2011 In Review

The Year of Zombies, Friends and the Start of Things To Come

This retrospective is more for me than for you. Looking back helps when sculpting the road ahead. It’s been a busy year. A hard year. A good year. This year, a book was dedicated to me and my husband by people we cherish. That alone makes it a good year, wiping out whatever troubles were once in my path. It is an honor.

These are the projects I did this year. Looking at them I see that though I finished my big project, Shelter in Place, many of the projects I worked on are foundations for things to come. I will build on these in 2012.

Shelter In PlaceShelter in Place

I finished and launched my game, Shelter in Place this year with Galileo Games. The Kickstarter reached over 200% of it’s goal giving us the funding we needed to produce the print run and create all sorts of rewards. This was a big project for me, involving working with an amazing team to create this book. I’m proud of it. I love the cover, the writing, the art. This project is done, but it’s made me think about what I can do, and what I want to do next.

The game is now available for purchase. LINK

Gimme ShelterGimme Shelter Cover Image

The success of Shelter in Place lead to a zombie anthology called Gimme Shelter which has gone out to our Kickstarter supporters. I created the cover for the book. This may be available for purchase in 2012. LINK

Graphic Novel Plan: Sol

I worked with my artist Natalie on putting together a plan to create a graphic novel called Sol. We pitched a few pages, story and concept art around to a few publishers with more success than either one of us expected. Now our work REALLY begins.

Engineer Agent Dr. BlackwellPhotoshoots

In short, these are the shoots that happened this year: Ponies, pinups, engagement shoots, graveyards, two weddings, a punk rock wizard, Randolf Carter, monsters, barbarians, ghosts, supernatural cops and a steampunk engineer. I have such an intense backlog – I haven’t even finished editing all of the photos I’ve taken this year.


WorldbuilderWorldbuilder: Location Scouting Part One

I created fake screenshots from a 1940’s movie that never happened called Empire State for an anthology called Worldbuilder. The photos are with the editor now and I believe that it is set to come out in January. LINK

Don’t Ask Alice

I wrote Don’t Ask Alice, a play about a young woman talking to her own brain. It was performed during the 24 hour cram at Plays and Players. As last year, I made a new friend through this experience.

All The Kings Monsters

I ran an original concept game titled “All The Kings Monsters” for my all-lady gaming crew on the FATE System. It was amazing. The women I played with were amazing and the experience was one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had. I put together so many materials for this game that I could just organize them and lay them out to make a module.

Abundant: HungerAbundant

This is my new portrait project, launched in December, this is my efforts at documenting, using characters and props and makeup and sets, the changes of the next few months. It’s going to be much like my 365Days project, but with more planning surrounding the shoots. I want to push myself with this project, and make a new kind of statement about women, about me, and about fiction. I’ll post results here, so you can see how it goes. LINK

Interviews from 2011