The first time I was called a Freak, I was twelve years old and in gym class. I have always been flexible, but when we were stretching before gym class, one girl saw how far I could stretch and spontaneously shouted “Freak!” at me.

Later, after we both graduated from high school, she was thrown from a moving car. Her face was terribly mutilated in the accident, as it had made contact with the road when she was tossed from the vehicle.

Try as I might, I cannot help but think of these two things in conjunction.

-From My 365 Days Book

In January 2012 I will release a book with all the photos from my 365 Days project, along with commentary about the photos and an introduction by Jack Scoresby. This story is from that book. Though my book contains a lot of fiction, this story is, strangely, true.