Five: HungerAbundant is my new weekly self portrait project.

I’ve been considering a project like this for a while. Now is the right time to get it going. I want to create striking images, images that have a message in them, even if everyone who sees them might interpret them differently.

Like my 365 Days project, where I took a new self portrait every day for 365 Days, Abundant will be about transformation, creativity, and pushing my own limits. However, the weekly nature of of Abundant gives me more time to think about what image I’m going to produce and put more time and energy into creating it.

The challenge here isn’t about producing daily, but about producing telling the stories I want to tell, how I want to tell them. And I want to tell stories with blood and guts.

Five: HungerThese photos may come out in sets, like this week, or just be one image. I may put out prints or a book or both. The shape of the project will reveal itself as I do it, and whatever shape that takes, I want to be open to it.

In the weeks to come I want to create monsters and the divine, I want to make fantasies real, and create characters, I want to explore the theme of transformation. I don’t know how long I will do this project, a few weeks or months, or maybe longer.

This series of photos for this week is called “Hunger” because that’s what I’ve been feeling recently, a great hunger for creating something new, for experimentation.

I’ll be posting updates here weekly, so if you want to follow along with this project, please feel free to check back here weekly, or subscribe to my feed for updates.

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