The big project I’m working on now is for a magazine called Worldbuilder, where I have been commissioned to do a shoot. This shoot is working out to be my most complex and challenging shoot to date. This has to do with makeup, costumes, models and the photography itself.

Since the  shoot is based on a novel, Empire State, one of the things I’ve had to do is recruit a set of models who fit the look of the book’s characters. The book hasn’t been released yet, but since I’ve gotten a sneak-peak of the action, I’ve recruited the models who I feel can best capture some of the characters from the book. Because this shoot is challenging, I’ve chosen to work with models that I know can do what is needed to make things work.

These are the models I’ll be working with on the Worldbuilder: Empire State photoshoot.


This is Jerry, he is the lead model for my shoot, portraying the main character from the book. An experienced actor, Jerry has the kind of control over his expressions – both in his face and his body, to be able to take this role and run with it. I watched Jerry perform in Titus once and watched him change his body language from a servant to a villain by unfolding his shoulders, changing his posture so it appeared he became another person. Jerry is a gem.

Bunny Greene

Bunny seems able to change her look with barely a thought. She know what looks good on camera so well that it seems to be instinct. She makes me look good in every shoot I do with her.

Russell Collins

For this shoot, I wanted a man who looked like he could have stepped out of a 1940’s noir movie. Russell has that look.

Jennifer Rodgers

When I knew I needed a sexy woman who was going to be deliciously curvy, with the large myserious eyes of a dame in trouble it was Jennifer Rodgers or bust. Lucky, Jennifer Rodgers agreed to be in it.

Jared Axelrod

I think I’ve taken more pictures of Jared Axelrod than any model save myself. You won’t see Jared Axelrods face in this shoot, but you will see him. Him, his props and his fantastic costumes. As a photographer, I am fortunate to live with such an engine of creation, who regularly churns out fabulous costumes and props. As his wife, I’m just lucky in such a pervasive way that it would take a book to go into it all.

Up Next? Location Scouting!

You can read about the style I’m going for this project and see a few test shots here: