Friendship is Magic

Friendship is Magic

Rainbow DashMonths ago, I did this photoshoot where I dressed some friends up as characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Before the shoot, a couple models were curious about the shoot. You see, not everyone had seen the show, and I asked them to be in it like this:

“Hey, do you want to be in my ponies shoot?”

“Um, sure. . .” they would say, with no understanding of what I wanted them to do.

Then they would ask me “Wait, how exactly are we going to be ponies?”

I would say “Don’t worry about it, bring a pair of blue jeans.”

I’m lucky I’ve developed a good rapport with my models that they trusted me enough to still show up.  With a lot of aid from The Five Wits*, and a lot of off-camera support with ideas about “how the ponies should pose” this photoshoot was created.

I really do enjoy the show. It’s a silly, adorable children’s show that makes me laugh. Also, the ultimate Unicorn Chaser, in that it has actual unicorns. Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy are FriendsSay you’ve just finished watching The Third Man because you are doing research for a Noir photoshoot, and the movie starts you thinking about mans inhumanity to man. This is perfect timing for a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode.

Models for this shoot were Rachel, Holly, Avalon, Dannie and Ruth.

You can find the wigs from this shoot at The Five Wits

*The Five Wits sells these wigs but they did not give me any money for this photoshoot, post, or for any ads whatsoever. They just happened to be close by and willing to lend their wigs for a photoshoot. I’m very pleased with the results! This shoot was fun and silly and did I mention fun? It was fun.

Edit: Wow! This post has gotten a lot of hits. Hello new folks! I’m J.R. Blackwell and I’m a writer and photographer. Feel free to poke around my website.  If you hang around here you are likely to see zombies, supervillains, pinups and noir detectives.