Noir Test Shoot

I have been commissioned to do some photography for a magazine called WorldBuilder. The concept with WorldBuilder is to expand on an existing novel, to get writers, puppeteers, illustrators and other artists to expand on a book, to tell other stories in the world, to take a good book and make it bigger.

WorldBuilder is kicking this off with a novel called Empire State, which has deep roots in noir. I’ve decided I’d like to do film stills from the 1940’s version of Empire State. Of course,  there never was a 1940’s version of Empire State, but that won’t stop me from making the film stills. It’s neat to dream this film and work on bringing it to life in still images.

Empire State Test Shoot

That means test shoots! This is my first attempt at creating a 1940’s film still with some makeup and a little styling. What I was working on here is getting the light right for a 1940’s look. I learned some things along the way, which was great, but I’m also pleased with the results I’ve gotten. I’m on the right track.

Oh, and these photos contain no spoilers for the book, they are just test shots looking at lighting and makeup and styling.

Empire State Test Shoot

I wanted to get a designer to work with me on this shoot, but it’s hard to find a designer that has a line of noir/1940’s looks available for a shoot. I was hoping to find someone who might like to get their looks featured in a magazine. If it were gothic, steampunk, victorian looks, I would have a half dozen designers I could work with, but I can’t find anyone with noir/1940’s inspired looks.

I don’t have the time or the money to commission a full line either, so it looks like makeup, styling, hair and lighting are going to have to do the heavy lifting on this shoot. It adds an extra challenge, but challenges are good for me.

Empire State Test Shoot

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