PinUp Party

PinUp Party: Avalon and Holly
I took these photos back in April, and now I’ve finally finished my edits with them. That’s what happens when I get paid work – my other, unpaid for-fun stuff has to move out of the way till I wrap up with my clients. Still, it’s been fun to come back to these photos and edit them. It means that every now and then I’ve gotten to open up photoshop and look at these lovely people for a couple hours.

It can be relaxing to edit photos. I usually put on my favorite podcasts or some music and then dig into the photos.  I usually lose time when I edit, realizing that three hours have passed and that my leg has gone numb before coming out of my editing trance.

You can check out my other pinups in the slide-show below. I’d love to do more when I get the chance.