I am going to Metatopia on Saturday. The concept of Metatopia is fantastic. It’s a place where designers premiere new games, try things out, talk about what’s hot and what’s new. It’s good for designers and great for players. It’s like going to Paris to see what the latest fashions are – it’s a chance to see what people are working on and how they are doing it.

I signed up for the things below. Mostly seminars, but some games too! I’m really interested in “how to do stuff” type seminars. I registered at a player this year, because after GenCon and the Kickstarter, I really wanted to go to a convention where I could just kick back and be a participant for a while.

“Translating Tabletop RPGs to LARPs” presented by Shoshana Kessock.

I am very interested in translating RPGs to LARPs, because there are very interesting challenges there, and I’m excited to see how different designers might handle it.

“The Nitty-Gritty of Self-Publishing” presented by Brennan Taylor

When Brennan told me he was running a Self-Publishing seminar, I knew I wanted to attend that, because it’s relevant to my interests not just with gaming, but with producing future photobooks and novels.

“Project Ninja Panda Taco” by Jennigames

I met Jenn at GenCon, and I was thrilled to hear that she would have a new game at Metatopia – I’m glad I got in on a session.

“An Introduction to Kickstarter” presented by Cindy Au. 

I know that I’ve had a successful Kickstarter, raising twice the amount of money we asked for, but I’m still interested in how to use this tool WELL. I have ideas for other projects that might be great to produce on Kickstater, and having someone who works for Kickstarter talk about the process is interesting to me.

I’ve been thinking about running a Kickstarter for the 14 Lovers of Charles Bachelor, or for a Dr. Mercury comic book, or a variety of other projects that wouldn’t necessarily sell to a large publisher, but might have interest elsewhere.

Champions LARP; “Millenium City Mayhem” 

I just love LARPs.

My friends Alex and Jamie are debuting their new game at Metatopia, and I’m excited to see what kind of feedback they get, and if it’s helpful to them. I’m also excited to see all my gamer buddies and hang out and talk about what everyone is up to.