The 14 Lovers of Charles Bachelor

Last year I wrote a five thousand word short story divided into 14 flash fictions called “The 14 Lovers of Charles Bachelor”.

Charles Bachelor is a vampire who takes 14 lovers over a century. Charles is desperate for love, and to be loved, but for him, nothing lasts, not even a mortal lifetime. I used 14 pieces of fiction to tell a story about his relationship with each lover.  Read one at a time, they are stories about the personalities and lives of the lovers, but all-together they are a character piece about Charles himself.

I started thinking about 14 Lovers again and I’m wondering if I could produce it as a full art book. In my imagination it has photos of each of the lovers, with a story beside it. I would love to do a casting call to find my Charles Bachelor and his 14 Lovers. I’d love to hire a makeup artist and a costume person and find good locations and do fun, erotic, adventurous photography. Maybe I would try to do photographs in the style of photography at the time. It could be an excellent opportunity to expand on the pieces I’ve written. I can already see where they could go from where they are.

I wrote 14 Lovers on Tumblr, where  they can be read as stand alone pieces of flash fiction, or someone can click on the “14 Lovers” tag in Tumblr and read them all.