Current Projects: Bits and Bobs

I have a lot of little projects going on right now, some of them very close to finished, and some of them just getting started.

There is a lot of stuff jostling around on my plate right now, an I’m trying to keep it all in order. Right now I have lists galore to try to keep track of everything, but here are things that are coming up soon.

New Twist Characters!

One of the things I’m working on right now is writing out character commissions for Shelter in Place. During the Kickstarter, we offered rewards of a commissioned character. This was where folks could pick out a new twist character they’d like to add to the game. I’m nearly finished with these, and yesterday, Natalie sent me the art for them, which is always inspiring.

The TouristI’m going to make these available for free download on the Shelter in Place website. Of course, the folks who commissioned them are going to get them first, but then they are going to go out to the world for you to add to your game if you’d like. Right now we have the Tourist (seen here), the MiB and the AI. Of all of them, I think that the Tourist was the most fun to write. The Tourist has a special skill called “Charming Local Festival” which makes them impervious to zombie attack, because they are totally unaware that the zombie apocolpse is taking place, and their wide-eyed stare makes the zombies think they ARE a zombie. Of course, this brings everyone in the group down a point as well, which makes things even MORE interesting. I think the Tourist is going to be added to the next game of Shelter in Place I aim to play.

Zombie Plushie Photoshoot

I have thirty little zombie plushies in my possession right now, and before I let them go out to our supporters, I feel like I HAVE to do a photoshoot with them. Perhaps with them chasing other toys around, or maybe at a graveyard. They are adorable, and each of them is different. I’m going to have to say goodbye to them soon when they get sent out to our Kickstarter supporters, but before that, I can take some photos  to remember them by.

Rainbow DashPhoto Edits

I have a photoshoot with Bunny Greene that I need to edit. There are some great pictures in the sets I did with her and I can’t wait to show them to everyone, but there is some sorting to do first. I’ve still got MLPFiM photos and PinUp photos to edit as well. Basically, I’m behind on photo-editing! Ah well, I’ve had to put the paid work first. People are very understanding about this, and I appreciate that. I try to do a little at a time, getting stuff out, but it takes a while.


Metatopia is coming up this weekend, and I am going as a player just to play games. I think, having worn the designer hat for a while, I’m excited just to see what other people are dreaming up. One of my relatives is getting sent by his company to a few major fashion cities to scope out the latest trends so that he can bring those back to his design table. I see this Metatopia like that – a chance to get inspired, to see and absorb and trend-spot and enjoy.

WorldBuilder and the search for a Designer

I have a shoot coming up for WorldBuilder, which will involve creating a photo-spread based on the new novel, Empire State. I am so excited about this shoot. I really want to partner with a fashion designer that does Noir inspired looks, but I’m having trouble tracking someone down. If you know a fashion designer that does Noir inspired looks and is in the Philadelphia/NYC area, please have them connect with me. I suppose I’ll just have to keep on looking.


When I went to New York Comic Con I took Sol, a graphic novel pitch I’ve been working on with Natalie Kelly. Natalie was the illustrator for Shelter in Place, and we’ve been banging out some comic pages. To my delight, there were some very interested publishers, but all of them asked for more, more more. More pages, more script. So in November, I’d like to bang out the first draft of the script. I’ve got a detailed outline, so really it’s just a matter of sitting down and making it happen.

We’ve also talked about putting together a mini-comic about Dr. Mercury, just to get the hang of creating a finished project together. This would likely be made available somewhere for free. We’ve also talked about starting a webcomic together, something I am really excited about.


Engagement Shoot: Chau and BradI am still working on setting up more wedding and engagement gigs. The last engagement shoot I did was just lovely, so I hope to set up some more shoots with clients soon. Especially because it’s fall right now, which is such a pretty time of year in this area.

I may be at Dorian’s Parlor in November, taking photos of folks and handing out my business card. I would love to book some more weddings on my calendar. Right now I’m finishing up my “wedding book” which has a selection from all the weddings I’ve shot, and I hope to take that to a few wedding Expos to show around.

Gimme Shelter

This is the back cover for Gimme Shelter. I talked to Brennan Taylor at Galileo Games a couple days ago and he agreed to make Gimme Shelter available for general sale – after it gets out to our Kickstarter supporters first, of course. So, that’s exciting!

Gimme Shelter Back Cover