Ruth and the Blackfeather Chronicles

RuthI wish I could ret-con Ruth into my life. I met her about two years ago, though mutual friends, and it turns out she basically lives down the street. Then, not long ago, she moved to the middle of the country, much to my dismay, because in the short time we’ve known each other, we’ve gamed together, taken a lot of photos and talked a lot about creative projects.

Ruth owns The Five Wits, and enterprise which has provided wigs for a number of photoshoots I’ve been involved with. She’s leant me wigs for pinups and ponies, and generally made my photography more interesting. As it turns out, she’s also a delightful model.

Pinkie PieRuth is also an illustrator and writer. She’s been working on a series of books called the Blackfeather Chronicles, which is about a family of archeologists that goes on wild adventures. I own book one and it’s great fun. The books are short and charming and they are all available for free, online. Ruth is raising funds through Kickstarter to publish book two. If you like free fiction, you can go to her website and check them all out for free.

I think the nice thing about Ruth’s particular project is that you can read all the books to see if you like them before investing in an illustrated copy. You get to figure out before hand if they are to your taste. So, if you are looking for some fun, free fiction, you can check out the stories of a bunch of witty, adventure -seeking kids as they deal with supernatural threats and stay out of trouble with Mom and Dad.

The Blackfeather Chronicles

Book One: The Alarna Affair

Book Two: The Germhacht Episode

Book Three: The Tembelaka Voyage

If you like the books, consider supporting Ruth’s Kickstarter: The Germhacht Episode Kickstarter