The Daily Trumpet, Page 4

Dr. Mercury Visits New York City

By Maggie Carson

Though there is debate about Dr. Mercury’s motivations, her superpowers and even what manner of creature she is, there is no debate on one point: Dr. Mercury is not camera-shy. Recently Dr. Mercury made a trip to New York City and these are a few of the exclusive photos acquired by The Daily Trumpet while she was in the city.  When the bodies found next to the cameras could not be identified, a donation was made to the Photographers Widows and Orphans Super-Crimes foundation.
Dr. Mercury gets a helicopterThis helicopter was acquired early in Dr. Mercury’s visit to the city, before it was destroyed by the Robot.

I will have some coffee, yes. This cellphone photo was snapped by a civilian through a window. The man/robot/cyborg in this photo has not yet been identified. Anyone with information should contact the Super-tipline at the usual number.

Dr. Mercury This photo was taken by the only journalist-survivor of the poison-bomb at the Robert J. Canes Billionaires Philanthropy Meetup and Award Ceremony. The mask was secured on the journalists face, as Dr. Mercury whispered in her ear, not to fear, because she will have a special, and more terrible fate than poison death. One can only imagine the terror of that unnamed journalist, who has, for her own reasons, asked to remain unnamed for this article. To have Dr. Mercury so close, lips brushing her ear, must have been a life-changing experience that will ever haunt her soul. Perhaps she will learn a lesson from this experience and take up a new profession, like teaching.

Dr. Mercury Loves Robots Dr. Mercury finally left the city with a robot she claimed, and has appeared to reprogrammed, from a group of frisky, hip teen heroes, who were using it as some kind of Butler in their secret hide-out. They left into the sunset together, though because of the explosion, no pictures remain of that incident.

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  1. The man/cyborg/robot Dr. Mercury encountered goes by the nom de plume of ‘Darth Vader’. In spite of his imposing dark visage, creatively enhanced voice and reports of cruelty and malevolence, recent discoveries have revealed the creature inside that armor to be something of a whiny, clingy little bitch.

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