Contemporary Fairy Tale

Engagement Shoot: Chau and Brad

I was once asked if I ever took pictures of normal people. Though I’ve never been able to figure out what a normal person is (this changes depending on where you are standing) I do take pictures of people who aren’t writers, musicians, costumers and actors. But I understand the question, because in my photographs, even when I’m taking pictures of people who are at work from nine till five, I seem to make them into princes or adventurers, or gods or wizards or monsters. Wherever I look, I see potential fairy tales – and that’s even more true when I’m with people who are in love.

This was an engagement shoot I did with a wonderful couple that’s getting married in two weeks. I really enjoy hanging around with people who are so in love, and so happy. I’m glad this couple were able to be adventurous with me, and walk over bridges and through the woods to get to this place.

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