What Has Dr. Mercury Been Doing?

It’s my birthday!

This year, for my birthday, Dr. Mercury has declared that she gets all the presents. It’s really only fair, since last year I got an anthology of stories about Dr. Mercury that was organized by my wonderful husband, Jared Axelrod. So this year, she is getting everything. For example, she is getting a very fine dress, my hair is bleached to close to her own hair color, and, of course, Dr. Mercury still has the What Would Dr. Mercury Do bracelets, and I still don’t know who sent those. Really. No idea. You are all suspects.

Then, the artist for Shelter in Place, Natalie, created this illustration of Dr. Mercury in some kind of. . .conversation? scene? involvement? with her own original character, Nova. It’s kind of hot. My favorite part about this illustration is the way that she has one hand cupped around his chin, and the other hand appears to be drawing blood. This is just the kind of thing she would do.

Dr. Mercury and Nova, by Natalie Kelly

Sometimes I think that Natalie can see directly into my head. Does she watch the little movies that play there with my characters? Seeing how well she illustrates the characters I’ve come up with, I believe she might be psychic. A psychic artist.

All and all, a good birthday. Later, cake and wine. Now, a present to myself, writing this script and making my characters dance.

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