Interview Roundup!

The thing about being interviewed by one of your best friends is that you may just start talking about your beard.

Day 201: No Time For Love

Jenny with a knife to my throat. Because that's friendship.

When getting interviewed by someone you don’t know very well, you tend to keep things professional. Then you start talking to your super-friend with whom you have both laughed and cried, and then you start talking about your days in burlesque.

That’s basically how it went down when Jenny Dreadful interviewed me for the Final Girl Support Group.  We discussed my relationship with the horror genre, my belief that the girl from The Ring lives in my bathroom, zombies, my days in burlesque, and, of course, my beard.

Shelter in Place has produced a variety of fun interviews. If you are interested in learning more about the game, and have read the website, watched the Kickstarter video and still want to know more, these interviews can help fill you in. In them I talk about everything from how the game is played, to the games I like, to being a female creator in the gaming industry, to my beard. Also, if you’ve never heard my voice before, a lot of these are podcasts, so you’ll get to hear exactly why I should really start learning Duke Ellington torch songs. (My voice is deep like a canyon and smoky like a nightclub, despite the fact that cigarettes have never touched my lips. I don’t know. Baby, I was born this way. )

If you have a podcast or website and you want to interview me about Shelter in Place, my photography, or any other topic, you can write to  me at