PinUp Party: Bunny and Rae

Right now, I’m working on a graphic novel pitch for New York Comic Con. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while, wrote the first couple pages on, talked about with my artist, and then a variety of other things came up and I stopped working on it.

Now I’ve been thinking about finishing the project and getting it into a publishers hands. I’ve got the outline, character descriptions, a synopsis, a couple of pages of script, sketches, and now my artist and I are starting some serious work on refinement – getting down some details, ironing out the plot to exactly where we want it to be, really understanding the characters, thinking about the themes.

Then I start writing like crazy and my artist draws like crazy and then hopefully, but NYCC, we have a pitch a publisher would like to look at. And then we keep working, and pitching, and working until it’s done or someone picks it up. If no one picks it up, well, we shall find some way to get it into your hands, because this is a thing I think you’ll enjoy.

The project is called Sol, and it’s a coming of age story set in a wasteland. There’s more to it than that, of course, there are heros and villains and a love story and even a bit of magic. It’s based on a dream I had, where my artist and I were both in this magical, terrible world. The story is different than the dream, but the dream gave me the start to build this story. More on it’s development as it rolls along.

Photo is of Bunny and Rae, looking adorable.