Final Girl

J.R. Blackwell by Rae WintersLast weekend I snuck into a darkened hotel pool with the Final Girl Support Group.

I was the only one with a swimsuit, but that didn’t stop all of us from getting in the water. While we were there, we took a lot of pictures. The only light was the glowing red EXIT sign and the lights from the parking lot.

The room was perfect for the ascetics of photographer Rae Winters and her wonderful horror/fantasy sensibilities. The place was all pools of light, mirrored surfaces, glass and water. We wandered like ghosts in the dark, or like haunted people, and we took pictures of ourselves as monsters, as victims, as survivors.

Rae Winters PhotographyMy friends create things in their wake. They go someplace and make something of what they find. They learn something and use it to do something. They do not wait to be entertained, but they create something that may entertain.  I feel I have finally found my place, surrounded by people who do, who make. The people who will sneak into a darkened pool and see possibilities.

More from the Final Girl Support Group can be found here:

All photography for this post was done by Rae Winters.

One thought on “Final Girl

  1. That was such an amazing day and I’ll always look back to it fondly. Even better, I hope for another like it soon. You ladies inspire me and whether it’s art experiments, work or play, I’m glad to have you with me.

    Also, thanks for the kind words and link too!

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