The Requirements of Research

Josepha Raven Blackwell“Your note said it was urgent,” said Wellington, stepping inside the lab and looking around. Dr. Blackwell’s lab was covered with odd contraptions, chairs with leather straps, a small desk covered with papers, and tables which had all manner of chemicals in neatly arranged vials upon them. It was clearly organized chaos, and the site of it unnerved Wellington.

Dr. Blackwell took off the gloves. “It is urgent. I need you to allow me to strap you into this chair,” she motioned to the high backed chair with straps, “and allow me to use your body for my experiments.”

“I say!” cried Wellington.

“My research requires a living body!” said Dr. Blackwell, throwing up her hands.

“Doctor, I don’t doubt that you-”

“Hysteria,” said Dr. Blackwell, taking his arm in her hands, “is a real illness, and requires proper treatment.” Her eyes were wide and wild.

Wellington took a step back, but she did not let go of him. “Doctor, I am not calling your conclusions into question, I simply-”

She stepped forward towards him, her body nearly touching his, her face looking earnestly up into his own. “Wellington Books, would you deny the women of the Empire relief?”

Dr. Blackwell is a character from The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences. She has been speaking to me today, and so I wrote a short story about a particular run in she has with an Agent. More about Wellington and his adventures and the adventures of the Ministry can be found here:

2 thoughts on “The Requirements of Research

  1. I hope that they will be! It all depends on Tee and Pip – it is their world. I only hope that I can fit a few little things in in it. This story is also quite. . .forward, as I think Wellington would say – though there are no curse words or adult situations.

    Also, it draws from my senior thesis during my undergrad, which is exciting, since I never thought I would get to use that knowledge again.

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