Wedding: DJ and Mike

Wedding: DJ and MikeIf you’re lucky, you know DJ, a person who is giving, loving and compassionate.

DJ person who listens, a person who understands, a person who speaks up for people who cannot speak up for themselves. A person who cares for and protects the kind of people that society often turns away from. A person who has created an extended loving family of friends though her compassion.

DJ is the mother of Jennifer Rodgers, who is one of my best friends. When DJ asked me to photograph her wedding, I was delighted. I had photographed DJ and Jennifer before and so I knew how much fun it was to have DJ in front of the camera. She’s creative and fun, with a beautiful face and a lovely smile.

DJ asked me and Rae Winters, and we were very pleased to do it together. This is the second wedding Rae and I have photographed together, and she is a great partner to have. It’s nice to be with someone else, so that you can get full coverage and lots of angles.

Then, due to illness, the wedding had to be delayed. In the end, we waited 15 months to get to September 16th.  But on Friday, we got to celebrate DJ and Mike with their family and friends. Being there, and knowing the story that took them there, was very special for me.

You can see more of this wedding, and other weddings I’ve photographed on my Flickr.

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