The Time Traveler

The Time TravelerIntroducing: The Time Traveler!

The Time Traveler is a twist character for Shelter in Place that’s available through the Shelter in Place Kickstarter. I knew I wanted to create a character especially for the Kickstarter, and I debated over a bunch of different ideas. Perhaps an alien, or a superhero? Or a mad scientist?

Then, my artist, Natalie,  sent me this illustration of the Time Traveler, and the deal was sealed – Time Traveler! This is how much power my artist has over me. If she draws it, I’ll write it. That’s what we have going on right now.

When I got the illustration of the Time Traveler, I wondered if the illustration was of a male or a female. Natalie used a male pronoun, but looking at it, there was something feminine to the character that I liked.

Then I thought to myself – why decide at all? Characters in Shelter in Place are not gendered – the illustrations don’t determine the gender – the players decide how they want to play the pre-generated character types. The Time Traveler can be whatever the player wants.

Personally,  I like to think that the Time Traveler pictured here is bi-gendered, and doesn’t give a fluff what you think about it.

The Time Traveler has two special powers: RUN and DO OVER


Once per game, the Time Traveler can shout “RUN!” At this point, all conflicts in progress break up and players can run away.


Once per game, the Time Traveler can turn back the clock ONE ACT (Shelter in Place has three acts, during each act things get worse for the Humans) to how things were at the start of that act – characters can come back to life, destroyed props put back together – however, props that weren’t found are hidden again, as things go back the way they were.

You can get the Time Traveler when you select the $35 or above reward level on the Shelter in Place Kickstarter.

You can see more of Natalies Art on her deviantArt Account: