I Think It Just Got Real

Have you ever had fiction bleed over into your real life?

This is actually a remarkably common theme for me, but today more so than most. A couple weeks ago, I got a lot of spam to my e-mail account. I know this sound like a very boring story so far – but stick with me – so, one of the “spam” e-mails I got said that my order for wrist-bands was out for shipment and had a link that I could click to track it.

“Ah!” I thought to myself  “So, you want me to click this link, do you? I AM FAR MORE CLEVER THAN YOU SPAM! I shall not click your link and I shall not have 1000 viruses downloaded to my computer – THANK YOU VERY MUCH.”

I did check my bank account, just to make sure nothing was amiss, or that I had gotten drunk and ordered wristbands (I rarely drink, but just for the sake of argument). Nothing. Everything in order.

I figure – okay, it’s spam. Mystery solved. THE END. Thank you Dr. Watson, but I have solved this one.

Today, I get a package. I was not expecting an order, but perhaps a friend has sent me something? My friends are generous types.

The package appears to me from a wrist-band company. I remember the so-called spam. “Weird,” I think to myself, but it is my name and address on there, so I open it. Inside are four wrist-bands. Two green. Two white. All of them have W.W.D.M.D.

W.W.D.M.D.Some of you, those who are a bit quicker than me, have already figured out what’s going on.* But not me! I sit there staring at the wrist-bands thinking – “Okay, I know about -What Would Jesus Do – so, this is clearly some sort of – What Would Something Something Do –  The question is, what is the Something Something?

M.D. stands for “Medical Doctor” So that would be What Would Something Medical Doctor? That makes no sense.

But then a neuron in my paint-fume** addled brain fires, and I realize what I’m looking at. Perhaps it was thinking about the word “Doctor” that clicks a button in my brain.

Doctor Mercury.   These are “What Would Doctor Mercury Do” bracelets!

This is a fictional character spilling out into real life. She has bracelets now.

For an answer to the question “What Would Dr. Mercury Do” I think that a very general answer might be “Lava” or “Blood” but really, it would depend on the situation. I guess that’s what the purpose of these bracelets are – to get one to reflect on exactly how a supervillian might handle any kind of situation.

I have no idea who sent these.  I could assemble a list of suspects, but I think, at this point, I’ll just say thank you.

What would Dr. Mercury do if she was sent a shipment of bracelets? Well, most likely, she would send something back. Like manacles. With the request for you to put yourself inside them and prepare for pickup. But that’s her, not me.

*I have been surrounded by paint-fumes from spraypaint for the past two days, and I’m going to claim that’s why it took me a bit to figure this out.

** I am making a prop collection for Shelter in Place. They are coming along nicely, but there is still a distance to go.

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  1. I can think of a number of truly thoughtful gifts I’d like to send Dr. M, but it would probably be unwise, unless anonymity could be guaranteed.

    And I do not think you can guarantee anything with Dr. M.

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