Game Designer, Photographer and Bon-Vivant

PinstripeI was interviewed for Voice of the Revolution at GenCon, in which I am described as a Game Designer, Photographer and Bon-Vivant.* I talk about running Shelter in Place, playing Lady Blackbird and Bulldogs, and I confess my complete and total fan-love of Jason Morningstar and Fiasco.

If you were wondering what my voice sounds like, this is your chance to find out. In my opinion, my voice has the smoky darkness of a jazz singer who sings exclusively torch songs. But you can make up your own mind.**

Mentioned in the podcast is a game of Bulldogs, a full accounting of can be found online, and  Brennan Taylors Transgalaxy  Captain costume, which you can see here.

It was fun to be on the show. I was granted this honor because Shelter in Place will be coming out soon, and will be sold through Indie Press Revolution, and also because I happened to be sleeping on the floor that night. Do not let anyone tell you that the life of a game designer isn’t glamorous!***

Being interviewed is fun. If you have a podcast and want to interview me, please feel free to get in touch. I can talk for days about just about anything, but I’m always happy to chat about gaming, photography and writing.

*Entirely accurate

**I should really learn how to sing a torch song. With this voice, it’s kind of dumb that I haven’t learned how already. It’s clearly what it’s been built for.

*** I was glad to have that floor, else I would be wandering the streets of Indianapolis.