Zombie Photoshoot

Shelter in Place

There I am, above, working on my cardio. One of my friends once told me that when he runs, as inspiration, he imagines he’s running from Zombies. I have to admit, it is inspirational.

This week I’m putting the final touches on the Shelter in Place Kickstarter stuff  – sorting out reward levels, finishing the video, writing and recording the pitch and editing some of the photos from the Zombie Photoshoot I held on one of the hottest days of the summer.

I’ll be posting more from this shoot in the days to come. I’m making these downloadable so that you can grab them if you like them. The photographs were taken by Rae Winters, with makeup by Bunny Greene and modeling by Jamie, Dee, Krista, Kate and Chad. Oh yes, and me. I’m the one in the flowery dress. The one running from Zombies.

Just another day in Paradise.

Every day, I am confronted with evidence of how awesome my friends are. I have seen them do extraordinary things over the years. I am glad I have the kinds of friends that will dress up as Zombies on one of the hottest days of the year for a photoshoot. I am glad I know people who are willing to have adventures with me. Thank you.