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Fred Plushies

No one ever said that Zombies don't ride ponies

You ever get just the best e-mail? Like, say, pictures of little plush Zombies riding ponies? Yesterday my friend Leah sends me pictures of Fred the Zombie in plushie form, and today I get to share them with you.

Fred the Zombie is the mascot for Shelter in Place, my zombie game. He is in the book, pointing at useful tips and guiding you through the game. He was designed by my friend Natalie – the first illustration she made for the game – and one of the things that inspired me to actually finish it was seeing that illustration.

When I decided to do a Kickstarter, I knew I wanted to make something special and unique as a reward. Having the book and PDF as a reward is great and offering photoshoots is grand, but I wanted to make an object that people could hold in their hands – something unique and special and tied into the game.  I saw how my friend Daniel had used DragonChow dice bags as a reward level for his Kickstarter, and I thought that was a really great idea – making more physical reward that are tied into the game. Then I knew I needed to get Fred into three dimensions.

Fred Plushies

Spoonflower Fabric

I contacted my friend Leah, an expert crafter  who has made lots of fun plushies before, and asked her if she would be willing to make a Fred plushie. She kindly agreed, and using Natalie’s fabulous illustration as a starting point, designed some Freds made flesh! Or rather, Freds made fluff.

Leah used Spoonflower to make the fabric pattern for Fred. She used Natalie’s original illustration, and added two extra facial expressions, so that the Freds would be different. One of the things I wanted was to make sure that Fred looked like Fred from the book – but I also liked the idea of every Fred being in some way unique. Leah accomplished this by taking the Fred patterns, and adding elements like clothing and accessories to them, so that every little Fred would be unique.

Fred Plushies

Zombies in a Decorative Bowl

These, and the 20 – 30 Freds that Leah is making now will be a part of the Kickstarter rewards for Shelter in Place in September. Personally, I’m really looking forward to getting them together and photographing all of them. The Zombie Plushie horde, conquering the city, one teeny, tiny sidewalk block at a time.
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Leah took the adorable photos in this post.