The Twist

The TwistEvery new Zombie movie likes to put their own twist on things.

Writers and Directors like to tell the story of the rising dead from a different perspective. In Shelter in Place, my game about Zombies, I wanted to give people the option to mix things up a bit too. Sure, you can place the basic game with Zombies vs. Humans – and that’s fun (and pretty crazy) but say you and your friends have already done that – and now you want to mix things up a bit, add in a twist, something special.

How about a vampire?

What then? Will the vampire hunt humans for blood, murdering them all? Or with the humans strike some kind of devil’s deal, trading blood for protection. (For the record, BOTH of these things have happened in game.)

Don’t like vampires? Think they’re overused? What about a cyborg then? A killing machine that pursues humans with deadly accuracy – but who could be reprogrammed to fight for the human side – if they can only hold it off long enough.

What if a werewolf wanders into your movie? Or an evolved super-zombie? What then? Will more humans live, or will these creatures fight against them?

Right now, Shelter in Place comes with four “twist” characters. A vampire, cyborg,  werewolf, and an evolved super-zombie.  These characters take the game to a different level.

As I’m working with my publisher to come up with Rewards for our Kickstarter campaign in September, I was thinking that a fun reward would be to give a special new character as a reward – a totally new twist.

The big question now is: What should that twist be?

I want to make the twist something that would appeal to people and get them excited about playing the game.  I’ve been brainstorming, and here’s what I’ve come up with:

Possible New Twists for the Kickstarter

  • Shelter In Place: WerewolfThe Ninja
  • The Ghost
  • The Alien
  • The Demon
  • The Pirate (In a Zombie apocalypse – what?)
  • The Mad Scientist
  • The Superhero
  • The Time-Traveler (Time is actually a fairly important function in the game, so, could be interesting)
  • The Troll
  • The Fairy
  • The Fallen Angel
  • The Elder God
  • The Noir Detective
  • The Genie
  • The Super Villain

Which one of these would you like to see as a new twist in Shelter in Place?  What character type would you like to make an appearance in your Zombie Apocalypse? Is there anything that isn’t on this list that you’d like to see?

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Art for Shelter in Place was done by Natalie Kelly

2 thoughts on “The Twist

  1. So one role might be generic and could appear on either team – a demon who can accelerate or slow down time when certain … conditions … are met. Like a time vampire.

    A human player (mad scientist seems like a bad choice but superhero or even ninja works) who can briefly freeze a target sounds fun. This role would retain their ability if zombified, of course.

    –Jason M

  2. Hi Jason! I like the idea of playing with time in the game, since it’s one of the big factors in game-play. A demon who could accelerate time would be kickass.

    Right now characters lose their special powers when zombified – it would be interesting to have a character that retains those abilities – that’s a very clever idea. I like it.

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