This is just to say. . .

PinUp Party. . .PJ is pretty darn cute.

I have a client coming over today who is very rock and roll, so the morning has all been in prep for her arrival. One must prepare for rock and roll! For example, I have been listening to the Rolling Stones while I set up my lighting rig.

It’s been exciting, going freelance and taking on new clients. It’s such a great chance to meet interesting people who I might not have otherwise encountered.

Today, rock and roll. Friday, Lovecraft. Saturday, 1970’s Magic Punk Rock.

I look forward to what next week will hold!

Photo Details:

Model:  PJ Schnyder

Hat: Greene Bunny Hats

Wig: The Five Wits

Photo: J.R. Blackwell

More photos of PJ and other adorable people over on my Flickr.