Ghost Mermaids, Rae Winters, Strangulation Fun

I’ve wanted Jennifer Rodgers to strangle me underwater ever since I saw this photo, and since my husband refused to strangle me because it would be “weird” and “uncomfortable.” Apparently even faking to strangle your spouse is looked upon as having an ick factor.

Eventually I came around to his line of thinking and moved on to asking one of my best gal-pals, Jennifer Rodgers, to strangle me instead. This is the kind of thing lady-friends will do for one another. I’ll admit that this photo doesn’t really have true strangulation, but more of a ghost/mermaid dragging someone under in a psychological thriller – but there are strangulation photos coming, mark my words.

Photo by Rae Winters

The photographer for this shoot was Rae Winters, who takes amazing photos. Sometimes Rae Winters and I team up for stuff, like a comic book hero crossover such as Green Lantern and Green Arrow. We’re pretty cool like that.  She’s really into movement right now, which is adding this whole other layer to her wonderful photos. She also really loves horror movies, as does Jennifer Rodgers, which  means that when Jennifer Rogers would “strangle” me she would give her instructions that were based on insider knowledge of horror movies, which was fun and meant that we got cool photos like this.

Rae and Jennifer Rodgers (who I nearly always refer to by her full name) are always trying to gently lure me into watching horror movies with them, which is cool, because it means they like me and want to hang out. The problem is that I want to do this too, but then when I do watch a horror movie, instead of being scared of the movie while it’s playing and then returning to real life when we leave the theater, a part of my lizard brain becomes utterly convinced that werewolves are real and will refuse to let me sleep or go for a walk in the park.

The logical part of my brain knows that there is no such thing as a murder truck that will try to eat you, but my lizard brain isn’t so sure and thinks that I should take precautions like staying up till 3AM imagining scenarios in which a murder truck would get into my house. Someday though, I will watch more horror movies with them, because I am an adult woman, goddamnit. We have schemes to make these things happen so that Rae can give me directions based on awesome movies.

I meant to just post this photo, but now I have a whole little post for you to consume. I hope it was like delicious candy and not like wheat thins. Unless you like wheat thins. In which case, I hope it was like wheat thins for you.

2 thoughts on “Ghost Mermaids, Rae Winters, Strangulation Fun

  1. She seems to have very elfin ears in this (perhaps in other shots too), but that coupled with her facial features and expression gives this a really believable siren of the deep feeling.

    You look somewhere between ecstasy and the realization that you’re about to die.

    Nicely done!

  2. I have a limited vocabulary, so please don’t take offense, I’m not being critical, I’m genuinely curious. Am I imagining things or does the expression on your face say that what’s currently happening to you is not a bad thing? I’m seeing rapture, not fight or resignation. Was this the intention? I do like the colors used in this shot, it’s…right. If that makes sense.

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