I called this shot “The New Adventure” because when I looked at it, I thought about how this really cool couple were starting out on something new, and I felt like this shot was able to tell that story – the great big unknown and the excitement of starting it all together.

In a month, I’m going to take my five years of experience shooting weddings and dive in, headfirst, to my own new adventure, going freelance. It’s exciting and slightly terrifying. To make this work, I have to book shoots, and I need to have them lined up months in advance so that I know that I’ll be able to support myself.

So I’m offering a deal. If I’m booked before July 31st, 2011, instead of charging my typical rate of $2500, I’ll be charging $800 for my full wedding package. If you know someone who is engaged and who doesn’t have their wedding photographer yet, and needs a deal, pass this along to them, because I’m only offering this deal for the next two days. After that, it will be $1000 till August 31st, 2011, $2000 till September 30th, 2011, and after that, it will be my full rate of $2500.  Full details on my website.