A couple people have asked me: “Hey J.R., how are things going?”

It’s difficult to answer right now, because I would say that things are complicated, like that relationship status in facebook, except for without the relationship attachment, because that part isn’t complicated at all, but things ARE complicated, which to say interesting. In fact, things are SO interesting, that I can barely talk about them. That’s how interesting they are. 

To best illustrate how things are going, without really illustrating anything at all, I have made you this handy dandy chart. All things are better with charts. In my life, I’ve found that even in the times of greatest trouble, one can always make a list, and with a list, one can make a chart. And with a chart? Well, my friend, with a chart, one can go ANYWHERE.

This chart is missing a few things, like ANY KIND OF DETAIL and some attachment to reality, but it’s still accurate, which makes it very special. The part highlighted in RED equals the NOW, while all parts afterwards represent the future, the unknown, and also GenCon.

Oh powerpoint, YOU understand me.

Edit: I would like people to note that this chart contains PONIES, which is equally an indication of how things are going as The Word “Chronic”.

Also, #Humor

Also, complicated does not mean entirely bad, just complicated.

Also, Mur Lafferty.

Also, check out Step 10: Profit. I am planning to profit. Perhaps using the ponies. Or Zombies. Or Zombie Ponies.

Only time will tell.