Photo by J.R. Blackwell

SiP Video!

Yesterday, with the help of a great many friends, I made a video for Shelter in Place. I had this idea for a very simple video where it was just me, running across the screen pursued by Zombies. As you can see, I am more from the Shawn of the Dead school of Zombies – at least when it comes to being pursued myself.

It was very hot yesterday, but we did some advanced planning for this shoot – shooting late in the day, doing rehearsals and all prep indoors, and limiting our time outdoors to keep everyone cool and happy. Most of the day was spent sipping iced coffee and bottled water inside and with only a 45 minute shoot in the heat, during which we took video and hundreds of pictures. My makeup artist, Bunny, said that we managed our time well, which was a huge compliment for me because she’s been on so many shoots, and she knows her business!

Jared shot the video for this, and I edited it in a iMovie. I might redo this again later, but I’m happy with the end result for right now. I do think some music would help punch it up a bit, but I wanted to get this up so that everyone who participated could see what we did right away. I am so blessed and fortunate to have friends that are up for adventure, and willing to commit their time, skills and energy to these kinds of adventures.

Rae Winters, my frequent collaborator, took photos for this, which I cannot wait to see! She’s an amazing photographer and we share an artistic sensibility. I’m really glad she was able to come out and shoot yesterday.

Shelter in Place is my game of Zombie horror. Playing the game is like being inside a Zombie film. I’m going to be running it at GenCon and it will be published by Galileo Games this Fall. Thank you to everyone who came out, braved the heat, and became the undead.