It is impressive how much work and skill it takes to put together a book – specifically, my book, Shelter In Place.

Shelter In Place is a roleplaying game, and it has taken the combined experience and talents of six people to put it together. Not all products are like this, but I can honestly say that without the combined experience and training of all these people, this game wouldn’t be the product it is. One person couldn’t create this – or – at the very least, would have had to study for years to make it happen.

This imaginary person would have to be a proficient illustrator who could draw in a variety of styles, a brilliant graphic designer, with an understanding of what appeals to the gaming world – a game designer with an understanding of how to make mechanics that are simple and swift – a writer of fiction with a talent for charming readers – a publisher with experience in putting out successful and well-regarded indie games – and a game designer with a passion for creating a system that was easy for new players to pick up, adaptable, and that created the feeling of being inside a zombie film. Between us, we have multiple degrees, years of experience, and a great deal of passion.

Its brilliant to see the combined work of talented people come together in this way. I could not be more proud of this project, and our product.