My particular game-mastering philosophy is to plan a great deal before-hand. There are a lot of people who like to wing-it – take things as they come and react depending on what their players do. I’ve found that this just isn’t fun for me.

I run short games, like a mini-series, where a lot is planned out before hand, where I know the plots of each episode and where players influence the outcome, but I have done a great deal of planning for the most likely scenarios. This means I have pictures of NPC’s, maps of the area, scenes, bits of dialogue and yes, even episode names. 

Below is a list of the ten episode names that I’ve come up with for the game “Executor”. You may notice something about the titles. It’s intentional.

No End Save Victory
Ship of Lies
Company of Villians
The Bridge Over The River Yonnix
King Womp Rat
Fire In Space
Glorious Bastard
The Thin Black Line
Vader’s List
Letters from the Executor