The more I get to know Daniel Solis, the more I admire him. 

He  has immense talent that’s backed up by professionalism. He is, on all counts, the kind of creator that I would like to be, knowledgeable, creative, generous, enthusiastic, persistent and kind.

If you could eat someones brain to gain their power, his would be the brain I would eat.

If he was recruiting an army, I would sign up without asking who we were fighting.

Above is the cover-mock up for Shelter In Place. These are colors I never would have chosen, fonts I didn’t know about and a layout that I couldn’t have asked for. And I love them. I love this cover so much that last night I carried it around with me at a party to show to the other guests “Look at this,” I said, like a proud mama with a baby “Just look at how wonderful it is!”

When people ask me what they should do when they self publish a book, I often suggest hiring a graphic designer – because people like Daniel make your hard work look good.

Along with the cover, Daniel sent along an explanation for the color choice, the image choices, and the diagonal layout that really demonstrates for me how smart this cover design is. Perhaps I’ll get his permission to post it, because his choices are very clever.