Time for some real talk.

Sometimes you need something and you don’t know what it is, but you know something isn’t right in your life. There’s a sadness in your mornings. You walk around all day and can’t quite focus; you’re in a fog that never seems to lift. You look in the mirror and don’t feel like your usual, bodacious self. You think your eyes look sad; your smile, forced. You feel tired, sluggish—you think maybe your hair isn’t as shiny as it once was. Your friends invite you out on a Friday night and you accept but when it comes to getting ready, you stand in your bedroom in a towel for twelve minutes straight before finally deciding that your bed and a Civil War memoir are better companions tonight. You forget to put deodorant on in the morning. You cry for no reason on your commute home. You are overcome by a melancholy that is destroying your whole life.

Girl, you need new underwear. Six pairs for $25.50. Easy.