Dr. Mercury- how exactly do you kidnap people? Do you knock em out with a tranquilzer dart?? Knockout gas? Show up and haul them away kicking and screaming?Hmmm…i think i just answered my own question, but I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic


                                             Bloody Sun (Second Edition)

                                                      by Maggie Carson

Chapter Five: Kidnappings Subsection 1: Methods

There has been a lot of discussion about the many kidnappings that Dr. Mercury performs in the press, from her choice of victims to her methods. In this section, we will examine the methods and techniques that Dr. Mercury has chosen to kidnap her victims. Unfortunately, her methods cannot be fully separated from her targets, since her targets so fully influence her choice of method.

In this section, I will demonstrate how Dr. Mercury kidnaps people in the manner in which it would provide her the greatest amount of amusement. She enjoys a variety of techniques, floating her captives away on a river of lava, capture by robots, drinking contests, injections, traps, swarms of beetles, circus performers, draining them of blood and many other methods.

The true question that arises when we analyze the “how” is “who is she kidnapping?” Does the person she have her sights on have a lovely, bell-like scream? Perhaps her victim flairs their arms in a beautiful and wild way, like a dying bird? If her target is a Hero, she may want to give them the opportunity to make a defiant speech. Or perhaps her target struggles gloriously, pounding their fists uselessly against her chest as she laughs. Maybe, just maybe, they have delicious tasting blood?

All of these and more would play into how she chooses her techniques. Dr. Mercury has a taste for blood and drama, so whatever would give her the most of both would become her preferred method.

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